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Time To Find Your New Favourite

Have Plans? We have outfits - Here's what we have added to our collection.   I'm freaking out over how insanely on-sale these items are. These items are making my heart skip a beat. Peruse my favourite on-sale items because you'll be mad you didn't know about these epic sale finds once they are gone.   Camilla Top Prepare to turn some heads in this.  You have to see the back. Believe me, if I had a party to go to, I'd wear this.  This bodysuit brings all the excitement of a statement top but with the bonus of creating a seamless tucked-in look, making it the ultimate basic to add to your closet if you're looking for an easy way...

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The Perfect Summer Blazer

Layering on hot days can get tricky and sticky fast. Sometimes though your outfit needs a little something-something for it to reach its full potential and sometimes, the answer is a summer blazer. Before you start to question what you just read, consider this- Despite summer's easy-going allure, as much as you want to wear that not-so-office-friendly top, you're still expected to take on your responsibilities. That's where summer blazers come in. This casual slim-fit blazer makes any tube or crop top office-friendly and can elevate your maxi dress all while keeping you cool and comfortable enough in your office with the blasting AC.     This lightweight blazer is not only suitable for the daily office grind but can...

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Actor, Fashion Designer, Entrepreneur & Model: Mo Sejake is more than what meets the eye

  Sative's brand ambassador is our August cover star. World meet Mo Sejake, the CEO of Very Rare clothing label, Model and Aspiring Actor.''Growing up with a belief that anyone, regardless of where they were born or what class they were born into, can attain their own version of success in a society where upward mobility is possible for everyone. I knew for a certain that dreams are achieved through sacrifice, risk-taking and hard work, rather than by chance. My mother installed in me at a young age the power of visualisation. She taught me that a man is as he thinks and whatever dream I have as long as I can see it in my mind I can hold...

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It’s a bootie affair

The Boots Are Out To Play! Summer is officially gone and it’s now time for winter. The temperature continues to plummet every day and we are constantly freezing but that doesn’t mean that our fashion style should be dull and boring. Winter season means that it’s officially time to hang our sandals and sneakers and open our shoe cupboard and reach for our favourite pair of boots and look stylish.   Though boots are an all-time winter favourite, we can’t ignore the trends that emerge every year. Well, thankfully 2020 has some interesting styles that each lady should consider having on her shoe rack and believe me these styles will have you aching for the chilly weather. Below, we have...

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All Bundled up!

 Winter season is well and truly upon us, apart from the grey weather, shorter days and longer nights we can look forward to spending more nights wrapped up in a cosy blanket binge-watching our favourite shows. It's part of our job to constantly scroll through Instagram to pick out trends that we think you are going to love. Recently we have been getting inspired by the rising knitwear trends. Knitwear has been a staple item in every winter wardrobe, but now fashion brands are reinventing the look (we couldn't be more excited). We are not just talking basic cable-knit sweaters here, the ways fashion girls and influencers are wearing wool this year is anything but boring.   If the...

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