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Denim Guide To Finding Pants That Fit Flawlessly

        A perfect pair of denim jeans is a staple in every woman's wardrobe, but no one is prepared to discuss the plight that many women face in the quest to finding the perfect pair of jeans. Like many women who have experienced the gaping at the waist and tightness in the hips, I was forced to avoid wearing trousers for years because I could never find a pair that worked with my proportions.   This article is written for women like I, who have a hard time finding pants that fit them flawlessly. In my quest for answers I reached out to Sharone and Charlotte two of my very good friends whose fashion style I adore...

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A Guide to Fashion Freedom: It's Trendy not to look Trendy

Does the following of fashion trends still matter to people anymore? Fashion is always evolving and incidentally so is people's attitudes towards fashion trends. There is no doubt that there is a large number of fashion lovers who follow fashion trends like a cult, they celebrate trends like a holiday. Truth is not everyone is a fashionista, by following trends you stay current. But it is becoming apparent that the mindset many people are now adopting with dressing is inclined towards wearing something with a personality.   At Sative, we believe that fashion is creativity, freedom and a sprinkle of craziness. It's about you as a person, your ability to explore your individuality and your lifestyle. Fashion speaks a lot about...

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Sative Magazine: Self Love

Welcome to the very first ever issue of Sative magazine. We keep our eyes open for new opportunities to create something useful, productive and consistent with our brand. You hate reading boring long paragraphs and paragraphs of uninspiring content? yeah! so do we. The Sative magazine will be filled with short inspiring fashion trends, style advises and lifestyle articles.        There is no doubt that bold or ultra-short hairstyle has gained mainstream popularity. Numerous personalities and celebrities wear perfectly this bold or ultra-short hair. It is a hairstyle synonymous with independence and self-confidence. When you are bald, you are automatically labelled as bold and confident.    I think every woman has thought of shaving their hair off at least...

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