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Surviving Childhood Trauma

  Since the inception of Sative magazine, we have written articles on relationships, mental health, and self-improvement. We tackle issues that so many of us face but are afraid to talk about in the open. Our dream is to create a community of people who gets it, that there is someone out there who understands them. This is one man's story on dealing with trauma in a relationship.Sometimes I sit in my room and do nothing but stare at the ceiling. Just trying to understand life, you know? I am tired of hurting. I want to be a better person, you know?I am writing this eulogy to the person I used to be. I am sorry I broke so many...

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Covid-19 impact on Mental Health

The coronavirus pandemic is one of the rare times in which frontline workers are navigating the same traumas as everyone else. We are in to use a phrase that is relied on so frequently that it is rendered nearly meaningless- "unprecedented times." We are building the bridge as we are on it. This month's article is penned down by Chipo Bvindi, a registered social worker and crisis of care Counsellor. She goes deep on how she continued to care for others while simultaneously dealing with the same intense stressors. I can't even find the words to properly explain how difficult it is to acknowledge someone's pain and also be in pain simultaneously. Bear with me! COVID-19 introduced itself to humanity...

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