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Wisdom From Nature

  If only life came with an instruction manual! We could all turn to a specific page and find guidance on handling life's journey. Unfortunately, life does not work that way. We do not get a user manual to guide us through life's diverse events.But, If we slowed down, we would notice the many lessons and answers already out there in nature. We just need to open our eyes and hearts to see them all around us. Stay as the witness, and everything becomes clear!I have had many deeply connected moments with nature, where time stands still and I feel one with God, yet I never thought to look to nature for answers.In this month's article, I am sharing some...

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The Perfect Summer Blazer

Layering on hot days can get tricky and sticky fast. Sometimes though your outfit needs a little something-something for it to reach its full potential and sometimes, the answer is a summer blazer. Before you start to question what you just read, consider this- Despite summer's easy-going allure, as much as you want to wear that not-so-office-friendly top, you're still expected to take on your responsibilities. That's where summer blazers come in. This casual slim-fit blazer makes any tube or crop top office-friendly and can elevate your maxi dress all while keeping you cool and comfortable enough in your office with the blasting AC.     This lightweight blazer is not only suitable for the daily office grind but can...

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