Silver rhinestone circle bag
Gold rhinestone circle bag
Inside of a circle bag
Rhinestone faux pearls handbag
Gold rhinestone circle bag

Miss Chic Circle Bag

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We are all about statement bags. We are open to size, shape, colour and even texture, but we are unwilling to compromise on ordinary. Cute Circle bags are statement-making by their shape alone, meaning crazy colours and materials are definitely welcome. Throw on a circle bag and instantly your outfit can be transformed. Don't believe us? Buy one and see for yourself. This bright circle bag will do all the talking for you. It features Rhinestone, Faux Pearls details and chain strap.

Product details

  • Golden or Silvery Colours
  • Faux Pearls
  • Detachable chain strap
  • Rhinestone details
  • Shoulder bad
  • Hasp closure
  • Round