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Growing Pains

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I was driving back home the other morning on this narrow back-road and behind me was this black Mercedes Benz sedan tailgating me. The frustrated driver behind me grew more and more impatient with each passing second. Noticing that I was not going to cede, he violently overtook me. He did not even check if it was safe to do so. What was important to him was to get in front of me. The oncoming car had to brake to give him room to manoeuvre.

But, guess who I ran up to at the traffic light? He still sped off only to meet again at the next traffic light.

The whole occurrence felt like it was God communicating with me. Lately, I have been questioning God. I have been struggling with the pace at which life has been moving. There are so many facets in my life that I feel are not moving at the speed they should. When life throws you one ordeal and disappointment after another, it can leave you feeling paralysed. You can lose your desire to hold on to hope, and instead of expecting good things in the future, you find yourself stuck.

Trusting God's plan is easy except when it is not. And when it is not easy, it is downright unbearable. You feel lost, afraid, and maybe even a little guilty. You lose your feeling of close connection with the Lord and begin questioning everything. It is certainly not a fun situation. If this is the situation you are in now, this article is for you.
If you are someone who is afraid that you will never find your path in life, that you will never hit your stride, that you will never discover what you love, or find a place that feels like home, or a person with whom you want to plant roots — please know that you are not alone.

As a believer in God, is it ok to question Him, maybe even challenge Him about what He is doing in our lives? Sometimes I look around at the world and wonder, (how can God be letting this happen?) Or look at my own life and wonder, (why would God put me through this?)

I faithfully believe that God is in control, and He has my best interests at heart. So am I allowed to question Him? Or should I merely accept what is going on in my life? To whom do I go when I need clarification on what to do?

God knows we are human, and we look for answers. He desires and welcomes our inquiries. The book of Psalms is full of questions about God. The Psalmists are so open in their questioning of God. The thing about life is that it does not happen until it happens. We do not know what we do not know until we do.

It is not a sin to question God — search the scriptures if you doubt. I believe God wants us to ask for His plan and His ways. He settles our doubts by giving us the belief that His ways are not always our ways. The good and the bad in this life can lead us to a deeper faith and trust in God — a blessing for all who will believe. Keyword believe.

You see, I am the tailgating driver. Too eager and too impatient. I want everything to happen now. But here is the thing; everything starts with a seed. There is no overnight harvest. We have to grow to where we need to go. If the gift of God that is on you is greater than the character of God within you, it will destroy you. We need to go through a moulding process.

There is a process between the seed and the harvest. It is easy to try and rush the process, but you can't. And you can't bypass it. You will need the strength, wisdom, knowledge, skills and patience gained along the way. Every step here is so vital.

We are always in a hurry- we need to slow down and remember it is His timing and not ours. Many of us are no strangers to delays, detours and distractions. Do not try to speed up or bypass the process. Who you are becoming is worth it. The strength you are developing is crucial. Truly. Stay the course. There is beauty in every stage. You cannot rush this. You are not supposed to have every answer on demand.

You are already on the right path because there is nowhere else you could be.
Whatever you are learning this season is what you need to be learning. Whatever you are feeling is what you need to feel. Whatever you are realising is what you need to realise.

Your life does not begin one day when you figure out every answer. It is a constant unfolding.

The deepest secret is that life is not a process of discovery, but a process of creation. You are not discovering yourself, but creating yourself anew. Seek, therefore, not to find out Who You Are, seek to determine Who You Want to Be.


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We are pressured to be successful at the youngest possile age. Even though it’s unreasonable and illogical, but that’s how sociaty is structured. That’s why we have to detach from social norms and stay on the path set before our own feet


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