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What did you want to be when you grew up? It’s funny how most of us have acquired careers that are far from what we wished we could be as a child. We all aspired to be something great when we were kids. We had dreams bigger than life. I always had this image in my mind of me as an adult, in a great professional outfit with so many people answering to me. I have always wanted to be a CEO. Sative is the birthchild of that dream.

But sometimes, life gets hard. And you don't know if it's still possible to do all those things you dreamt of when you were young. My eight-year-old self would be so disappointed because I started to doubt everything I say I was going to do. I began to trust in only what I can see.

This month's article is a bit different. It's not that inspiration failed me but, the focus changed. This article is about my journey thus far, in the pursuit of my wildest dreams.

I'm going back to all those dreams I once had before I let life get to me. My problem is I think a lot. Thinking isn't wrong in itself but, my struggle is obsessing over things that only time can solve. I struggle with letting go of control and trusting in God. There's a bible scripture in Ecclesiastes chapter 3 verse 15 that I wrote on the whiteboard in my bedroom. It reads: "That which is, already has been; That which is to be, already has been. And God seeks that which has been pursued." Every morning as I roll out of bed I find comfort in that scripture. This is how I'm learning to let go of control.

I realised that when you pursue your dreams, there will be moments of fear and doubt. The fear of failure coupled with the unknown is a terrifying thing. As humans, it is in our nature to want to play it safe and to self-preserve. However, I’ve come to learn in my journey that playing it safe doesn’t always lead to satisfaction. In fact, it can lead to something worse than failure—regret, boredom, and a feeling of never reaching your potential.

Uncertainty is part of the game. It's a feeling that you can expect to get, that what you're trying to achieve may be far from reach than what you achieved yesterday. Along the way, I’ve learned something important: If your dreams don’t scare you a little, perhaps you need to chase bigger dreams. So I still get knots in my stomach but, now I know it's part of the process. I now expect that feeling. I treat it as part of the journey. 

There are seasons to this. I have learnt that I need to embrace the periods of ups and downs, not just those parts that feature the ego or that make me look good. It's about finding the flow in the uncertain times as well. How do you do that? You start journaling.
The best thing you can do is document your ups and downs. Every time you go through a phase, write it down and how you managed to get through it. I find this very helpful. You will be surprised how far you came when you look back. The more you journal, the more you build your confidence in your pursuit.

The journey to attaining your dreams can feel a bit like a scary movie. You may get tempted to look away during all the scary scenes. In life, unlike watching a movie, no one will be there to tell you what you have missed. Those scary scenes are the ones that are most rewarding when you commit to the task at hand. I didn't see it at the beginning but, there's beauty in the struggle. You're more creative when resources are scarce. 

My childhood dream may be far from reach but I'm going for it. 

And all of this got me wondering, what other people wanted to be when they were younger and if they now are in the role of their childhood dreams, or something completely different.

 I'm excited to hear your stories. Share with me in the comments 💛


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this read really pur a smile on my face and warmth in my chest. there are so many dimensions to us that we tend to downplay because we have geown to believe that we are undeserving. so, to see beyond the past does assist to be clear about self. bless you.


This resonated so much. It’s usually the scariest and riskiest leaps that are the most rewarding. I’ve also had to allow myself to start scared and unsure with my knees trembling, because I realised that there’ll never be the perfect time to go after dreams, except for right now!

Amazing article, absolutely enjoyed reading it ❤️

Everything Refiloe

Oh my word! This was such a hectic reminder to not let go of everything I’ve ever dreamt of pursuing. Not that I’ve given up per se, but rather that at this point, I’ve been going through such an uncertain period. It’s daunting trying to get everything in line.

Thank you for this! I’ll remember to trust the process; to dream a little more, to trust a little more 🥺❤️

Zina Ngoni

Love the message
All of us as kids we aspired to be something not knowing what life will throw at us


Lovely read.

Nthabiseng Mashego

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