Sative Magazine: Self Love

Sative Magazine: Self Love

Magazine cover March 2020Celebrating unapologetic woman

Welcome to the very first ever issue of Sative magazine. We keep our eyes open for new opportunities to create something useful, productive and consistent with our brand. You hate reading boring long paragraphs and paragraphs of uninspiring content? yeah! so do we. The Sative magazine will be filled with short inspiring fashion trends, style advises and lifestyle articles.

Beautiful black woman with a bald hair style wearing chandelier earrings    


There is no doubt that bold or ultra-short hairstyle has gained mainstream popularity. Numerous personalities and celebrities wear perfectly this bold or ultra-short hair.
It is a hairstyle synonymous with independence and self-confidence. When you are bald, you are automatically labelled as bold and confident.


beautiful bald woman

 I think every woman has thought of shaving their hair off at least once in their lifetime. When you have no hair on your head, there is nothing to hide behind, your entire face is out in the open and there is something about that, that is just liberating, powerful and beautiful - that just your face is enough. The message is clear - a blatant refusal to exist for anyone but yourself. There is a lot of assumptions and misconceptions about the sexuality and femininity of women who choose to buzz off their head. Today women are rewriting the rules. Your beauty and femininity are not linked to the length of your hair, It's all about the attitude and how you present yourself, and having a shaved head might just give you that edge and confidence you have been needing.

beautiful woman with an ultra-short hair

beautiful bald woman wearing hoop earring

beautiful bald woman

bald woman wearing an oversized denim jacket

beautiful bald woman

woman wearing shirt dress

beautiful black woman wearing woman accessories

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This was a beautiful piece to read……I really enjoyed the article!! KEEP IT UP! i feel proud to be a balck woman and even if i decide to go bald i will be so confident about it.


Thank you for being intentional about women and our diverse ways of expressing our existence. Shaving our head bald is such a bold and powerful statement for sure. I admire it…a lot.


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