3 Important Skincare Rules No One Tells You About

3 Important Skincare Rules No One Tells You About

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With so many products to try and tips to follow, it's easy to get confused when it comes to what's good for your skin. So forget the trends, the latest "hot" product and who's using what - because SATIVE BEAUTY has the three primary rules to follow for your best skin yet...

Have you ever spent thousands of rands buying skincare products that did nothing for your skin? I am sure a lot of us can relate to this question. I will share one of my stories from my skincare diary.

After trying out a few dozen skincare products but to no avail, in an attempt to lighten up the appearance of my stretch marks after giving birth, I started formulating my own creams. My concoctions included a mix of methylated spirit, some lotion, paraffin and tissue oil. Needless to say, this was very harmful to my skin. I started looking for safer solutions that were kind to my skin and effective. And would not leave me smelling like a bottle of spirit and at risk of burning alive if I walk-pass an open flame.🤣

And that is how Sative Beauty was born. I was tired of exposing my skin to quick fixes that did nothing but cause more harm. Our skincare range is 96% organic, cruelty-free and handmade in small batches. We carefully use the safest natural ingredients in all our skincare products. Our goal is to assist you in achieving healthy, glowing and nourished skin, not perfect skin. Perfect skin does not exist.

Here are the three basic rules you need to follow for your best skin yet...

Rule 1: Be consistent

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When it comes to skincare, real change takes time. You have to be committed to a long and faithful relationship with your skincare products.
At most, we play around, try something new and drop old favourites in a constant search for the holy grail. But playing the field with your skincare products is not the secret to great skin. I am guilty of this; I used to switch around different products every other week, searching for the ''one''. But trying something new every week is you just flushing your money down the drain. Consistency is key.

Give the product a chance to work. Skincare can be loosely divided into the instant (quick fix) and the long-term (healthy fix). While a great face mask, peel or hydrating serum can quickly plump up, matte down or brighten your skin, lasting change takes at least a month to see.

Then, of course, when you have seen the improvement, you need to maintain it.

Even fast-acting ingredients, such as hyaluronic acid and AHAs, also have a longer-term effect that, given time, works from within the skin for even better and lasting results. The fact is that skin takes at least 28 days to renew in your twenties. That almost doubles as you age.

Rule 2: Use what is right for you.

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There are so many products to choose from. Every day there is a new cult favourite that everyone is raving about. Avoid the noise and only use products that are right for your skin. Skin trends, like everything else, come and go. Forget what your favourite influencer is preaching and focus on your skin requirements.

Understanding your skin's unique requirements will enable you to find the right products that will work the best for you.

For the most part, the issue is not the wrong product but the wrong texture for your skin. The best thing you can do for yourself is to know your skin type. Oily skin is prone to blocked pores when a rich formulation is used instead of a light texture. The wrong formulation can throw your skin off balance.

Rule 3: More is not more.

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You know the phrase "too much of a good thing?" it applies to skincare too. Using more products that do the same job will not get better and faster results. But instead, you can do more harm than good.

Narrowing your skincare routine helps, as putting in too many products can overload your skin. It can even cause more breakouts and skin concerns because the skin can only take so many active ingredients. Leaving just the essential skincare and cosmetic products helps reduce irritation, cut skincare products cost, and improve the overall health and appearance.

Ideally, use multipurpose products. You do not need a product for every skin concern you have. Multipurpose products include ingredients that already work in synergy.

Those are the only three skincare rules you need to know.

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