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I'm Grateful Life Hasn't Gone As Planned

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I'm grateful life hasn't gone as planned. I know it's a peculiar thing to say but, certain things in my life worked out better than I could've ever planned them.

Uncertainty often gets the best of me because planning is my comfort zone. But, much of life is uncertain whether it concerns a global pandemic, the economy, your finances, health, or relationships; much of what lies ahead in life remains uncertain. Yet as human beings, we crave security. We want to feel safe and have a sense of control over our lives and well-being. Fear and uncertainty can leave you feeling stressed, anxious, and powerless over the direction of your life.

We are all different in how much uncertainty we can tolerate in life. I enjoy taking risks in some areas of my life but crave a higher degree of control over others. I feel confident while colouring within the lines I've drawn. So when the big picture itself starts to change, and those lines lose their meaning. I freeze and question everything. I'm just a walking paradox.

Last night, I found myself reflecting on the times my life didn't go as planned and the joy and magic and the splendour I found in the change of course that followed. All this might sound like the shower thoughts of a very bored person. In my almost thirty years of living, I've realised that we can only plan and control our intentions. Everything else has a way of working out in the end as long as we have a clear purpose. Our intention shape the direction of our lives. Painful experiences and challenges come to us all. But, it is through these opportunities that we build character and grow.

I didn't attend the university that I had planned to go to (I was so devastated) - but that was a blessing. We view life with narrow lenses. We don't see the whole picture because the events are still unfolding. Not getting into that school led me into another path that is nothing short of beautiful. Had I gone with my planned route, I wouldn't have met the love of my life.

I didn't plan on people mistreating me - but it led to me recognising my worth and growing into the person I wanted to be on my terms.

I didn't plan on getting laid off as my career was starting to take off - but it led me to discover more of myself and follow my dreams. Sometimes when you lack the courage to make the move you need, life takes charge and make a move for you. See how the universe works; it takes my hurt and helps me find more of myself.

I didn't plan on any of my setbacks - but one of them led me to discover my spirituality, which became the cornerstone of my life. I mean experiencing God for myself, not a watered-down version of God.

I didn't plan for the person I've become - but I'm so glad for everything that led me to become this person.

In this reflection, I realise that all we can plan for right now is intentions. I don't think any of my planning could've yielded better results than how my life is unfolding.

If there is not one single thought that can comfort you in your darkest times, please let it be this - one day, you'll look back on the times you thought your life wasn't going as planned, and all you'll see is magic. You'll see how what left the path was clearing the path. You will see how a higher plan was at work. You won't remember how stuck you felt, or how far behind you thought you were, or what you wished you had done differently. The main character in every great novel is forever changed by the events that happen in the middle of the story.

So I intend to be grateful for every event that shapes up my life, even the uncertainty. I believe and trust that everything is working out better than my plan, even on times when I don't see it.

What about you? In what way has life worked out better than you had planned?

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l always look back wondering why things didn’t go the way l planned them but as l read through this article l have realized that l might go through ups and downs, changes and charges but tomorrow there’ll always be a good time. In conclusion l got to know that everything happens for a reason. Thank You @Sative

Mr Skrr skrrr

You can say that again! I’m so grateful for all the setbacks that have led me to this beautiful life I have now. I definitely wouldn’t be where I am today if things went according to plan. Beautiful piece, I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.

Everything Refiloe

@Elijah, thank you so much… I hope this article is a reminder that life is beautiful and it’s going to be beautiful no matter how you feel right now.


reading this, feeling as weary as i do, i can say that there truly is light that exists, even in the pits deeper than one can imagine. i have no words really fo this. it is beautiful. bless you.


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