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As part of our commitment to promoting healthy skin, we are excited to launch the "My Healthy Skin" Campaign.


Why Does this matter?

For many people, any deviation from clear skin means it is time for a treatment plan, especially when it comes to acne. Acne can take a toll on our self-esteem within and beyond puberty. Many of us know all too well that many adults get acne too! So, why is it awkward and considered taboo to talk about skin imperfections? 


We are on a journey, and we have committed to helping dispel the myth of perfect skin. The truth is that acne has many causes. Some that you can control, like washing your face and changing your pillowcase, and some that you cannot, like genetics and hormonal fluctuations. That is why it is crucial to understand what causes breakouts and how to treat them. Having healthy skin does not mean your skin will be free from occasional breakouts.


Help us strengthen the conversation around acne and skin imperfections. You can join in the conversation by sharing your skincare journey with us or engaging with fellow Sative beauty community members. We are in this together. The conversations we have around acne should be uplifting. When we talk about beauty, there is no single definition but several. Your acne does not define you! We all have heard the saying, "love the skin that you are in", but how can we do that when there are skincare brands that profit from our insecurities?


Yes, an organic acne treatment kit like our (Get all Three) works wonders in fighting and preventing acne breakouts. But today, our advice goes skin deeper. It should start within you. It is imperative to let go of the hatred against skin imperfections. The greatest misconception about confidence is that you will finally have it if you just overcome this one thing you do not like about yourself. Acne or not, confidence is something you can have RIGHT NOWIt is something you have to create within yourself. The keyword is within. When you see people around you that you perceive as perfect or beautiful, you must consider that they probably have things about themselves that they do not like too. 


Healthy skin is not perfect. But it is well nourished. 


Every month we will select and sponsor one person with our full range of skincare products. We are just trying not to contribute to the filtered faces. And encourage people to aim for healthy skin. It will take time and, like anything, require a little love and practice.


Remember, all you need to do is share your skincare journey with us. 


Will you help us spread the word?


See you in our DMs and comment section.




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