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Denim Guide To Finding Pants That Fit Flawlessly

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A perfect pair of denim jeans is a staple in every woman's wardrobe, but no one is prepared to discuss the plight that many women face in the quest to finding the perfect pair of jeans. Like many women who have experienced the gaping at the waist and tightness in the hips, I was forced to avoid wearing trousers for years because I could never find a pair that worked with my proportions.


This article is written for women like I, who have a hard time finding pants that fit them flawlessly. In my quest for answers I reached out to Sharone and Charlotte two of my very good friends whose fashion style I adore and admire to pick their brain on all things pants from the basics tips when shopping for jeans to cuts and styles that might work for different body types—so keep scrolling.


Let's talk pants; your denim story?

Charlotte: Well I honestly love jeans but I have to admit that it's not easy finding the perfect pair. If you are blessed with a curvy bottom and thick thighs, lucky you, you are killing it. But that also makes it so hard to find a pair of jeans that will just fit perfectly and highlight your thin waist and bodacious behind. So we do have a love-hate relationship.

Sharone: I love denim jeans! you can dress them up or down. A good pair of blue denim jeans are classic and timeless. However, I am constantly faced with the struggle of finding a pair of jeans that fits me perfectly right off the rack without having to alter the waist and occasionally the legs to accommodate my lower body.

How do you find your perfect fit (pants/jeans)?

Charlotte: I am still experimenting with different cuts and styles to see what exactly works for me, but I've grown to accept that a high-waisted style with a relaxed or wide leg is much more flattering for my shape.

One trick that has worked for me so far is buying a size or two bigger and have my local tailor work around my shape. Your neighbourhood tailor should be your new best friend. Going up a size make it possible to tailor trousers exactly to your body for the perfect fit.

Sharone: Let us be honest, it truly is the butt that matters when wearing jeans. Ultimately a pair of jeans or pants should hold and cup your derriere. The fabric should not sag nor should there be excess fabric at the bottom of your seat. And most importantly, avoid too much stretch—it tends to make pants or jeans look low-quality.

One thing I recommend for every woman to do–is to research their body shape. It all starts with your body shape. Generally, women hate to be classified but this tip is a game-changer. Your body type is incredibly important, especially when it comes to fashion. I can lust after low-rise boyfriend jeans all I want, but the reality is this cut just cling to me in all the wrong places. 

Buying Pants/Jeans Online

When shopping online, you must know your waist and hip measurements. Utilise the size chart provided on the product description as they often change depending on the brand.



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Before I gained weight,I struggled a lot finding a Jean that fitted both my legs and my hips….it was either too tight on my legs and fitted perfect on my hips or too loose on my hips and perfect on my legs…so I can relate….thank you so.much for this am sure it will help a lot of women.


I personally feel like not everything is for everyone and that it is important for one to find what works for them. This was very informative❤️


well a trick that has worked for me on buying jeans is that i buy a size smaller because i have seen that most material stretches, so if you buy a size smaller its going to fit you perfectly as opposed to buying your normal size which will stretch with time, and makes it seem like a vet big size….But Of course it all depends with how you feel.
The biggest significance is for women to feel comfortable.


Very informative piece, turns out a lot of us can relate when it comes to clothing/denim. And the cover girl looks amazing ❤️


Thank you for the feature ❤️.


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