women wearing a summer blazer sitting at a table eating a fruit

The Perfect Summer Blazer

Woman wearing a summer blazer sitting at a table

Layering on hot days can get tricky and sticky fast. Sometimes though your outfit needs a little something-something for it to reach its full potential and sometimes, the answer is a summer blazer. Before you start to question what you just read, consider this- Despite summer's easy-going allure, as much as you want to wear that not-so-office-friendly top, you're still expected to take on your responsibilities. That's where summer blazers come in. This casual slim-fit blazer makes any tube or crop top office-friendly and can elevate your maxi dress all while keeping you cool and comfortable enough in your office with the blasting AC.


woman wearing a black double-breasted summer blazer


This lightweight blazer is not only suitable for the daily office grind but can also be worn to any occasion from brunch with girlfriends to that hot date. The best part is you don't need to limit your summer blazer to only the hot days of the year. You can pretty much polish and add a touch of sophistication to any ensemble just by incorporating this blazer. Whether you wear yours with a midi dress to work or to spruce up a simple jeans-and-tee combo, there are plenty of ultra-chic options for every occasion this spring and summer. 


Keep scrolling to find out my current favourite blazer outfits. While there's a plethora of blazer styles and cuts to choose from, I have decided to focus this article on the double-breasted summer blazer that we currently have in stock and other similar-looking blazers.

Woman wearing a khaki double-breasted blazer with jeans

What's more classic than a blazer and jeans combo? This is one combo formula that works if you are looking for something cool and easy but yet elegant. 

Woman wearing a khaki double-breasted blazer with black tee and jeans

woman wearing black blazer

Woman wearing a black double-breasted blazer


As the temperatures get even warmer, you can even pair it with a bra top, shorts and square toe sandals.

blazer plus bra top plus shorts


 Woman leaning against the wall wearing a black blazer and skirt combo


Do you want to make a Big Blazer Feel Sexy? Lose the Pants!

Woman wearing a black double-breasted blazer as a dress


Elevate that maxi dress!


Woman dressed in a blazer and maxi dress combo



 What's sexier than wearing your blazer as a shirt? 


woman wearing a blazer as a shirt


Hope you will find these styling tips inspirational. 


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